Game Drive

“Nature is something that should be studied, loved, and spent time in. It will never let you down.”

The best African Safari is most exciting around our game drives and its usually the highlight of any safari.

Experience the most spectacular sunrise or sunset game drive, in exploration of the most magnificent animals in Africa.  Learn about the biodiversity of the landscape and all animals that inhabit the region.


Hiking not only allows you to be at one with nature, but also offers you many benefits for body and mind,

Grab our amazing hiking tours and adventures and experience nature unlike you’ve never before

Adventure Trips

There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Our adventures are not only fun and exiting, but also pocket friendly.

Boat Rides

When we go against the current, surely we will find a spring. but when we go with the current, we’re bound to find shore

Hotel Bookings

Spend the night in some of the best hotels in Africa at very pocket friendly prices!

No need to worry about accommodation

Our team will assist in booking your accommodation when you visit for your safari

Beach Safaris

Get the experience of visiting Africa’s white sand beaches!

Africa’s warm tropical climate is the most stable in the world making a visit to the coastal areas a memorable and life changing experience

Family Trips

Get a relaxing vacation with you and your loved ones. Take a break from all your busy activities and experience the calming ambiance of a breath taking adventure. With a most affordable price!

Corporate Events

Organize official gatherings that need precise and fixed deadlines by taking advantage of our skilled event organizing team at SK Adventures. We’ll ensure your organization achieves its business travel objectives!